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From conception to completion Lackon provides an objective, outcome driven approach to the most complex of projects. It is this approach that allows Lackon to not just manage projects but improve, add value and enhance the success of our client’s projects. Financial planning, scheduling, risk and HSE management, construction and commercial negotiation are just some of the factors that play a critical role in the delivery of a successful project, it is these factors but not these alone that define project management.


Construction management and project delivery go hand in hand, Lackon and our people have boots on the ground experience in managing and delivering the most complex construction projects. Safety, methodology, resourcing, plant and forecasting are some of the critical factors that influence successful project delivery through adaptable and practical construction management.


HSE oversight is paramount to successful project delivery, at Lackon we don’t look past this. Lackon can provide all aspects of HSE support from work health and safety management systems, environmental management plans, site audits and HSE support staff on site to successfully mitigate risks to people and the environment. We understand that projects have incredibly stringent cost and schedule constraints, we work with our clients to enable delivery of these objectives safely with a proactive, objective, pragmatic and practical approach.


Commercial disagreement between two parties to a contract can have a detrimental effect on a project’s success. Lackon proactively works with our client to mitigate these risks throughout the project life cycle, should they arise we have the people and the experience to act on behalf of our clients providing timely resolution of issues and avoidance of costly litigation.


Time and cost, the two factors that can drive a project to success or failure. Through critical analysis of project objectives our teams can identify and establish realistic timeframes, schedule and relationships to ensure risks to project schedule are identified and mitigated well before they arise. Construction and project delivery is not a perfect science, we get it. It is our flexibility and practical understanding of project delivery that enables us to manage unforeseen circumstances, force majeure events and unexpected challenges to ensure projects are delivered on time, every time.


Lackon understands that within Australia’s demanding construction industry clients from time to time require additional support. Lackon has the ability to insert our professional staff into an organisations existing team, share our wealth of knowledge and experience, aiding in successful project delivery.

We have the flexibility to deploy these services discreetly, targeted to our client's specific problems or as a complete project life cycle offering.

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